S.T.E.P Programme

Scholastic Teachers' Empowerment Programme with
ICSI - International Chambers for Service Industry

The Employment Enabled Training Programme

Linguistic & Phonetics
Linguistics, the logical investigation of human dialect. The skill programs investigate the structure, nature, variety of dialects such as phonology, phonetics, morphology, semantics, grammar, pragmatics, and much more.

S.T.E.P (Scholastic Teachers’ Empowerment Programme)
This will guide students to transform into seasoned and polished teaching professionals by imparting practical knowledge about the profession as well as unveiling the secrets to bagging their dream job. From understanding the nuances of the interview process and clearing teacher
eligibility assessments to creating an e-portfolio, this program will set them on a path to improve the chances of their employability within 24-26 weeks.

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The Student Learning Level -1
3 Months | 325 Hours | 13 Weeks | 5 Days a Week | 5 Hours a Day

Modules Covered:
-Personality Enhancement

-Effective Communication Skills
-Etiquettes and Manner for Global Family

-Personal Grooming, Dressing & Confidence Building
-Up Skilling with desired Future Skills Enhancing

-Business Communication Skills
-Developing Positive Mindset - Techniques of Mind Mapping

-How to be Happy Always at Workplace
-Presentation Skills Counselling Skills
-Communication with Students, Parents and Peers

-Patience Developing Strategies
-Creative, Critical Thinking and Innovation

-Enthusiasm and GRIT
-Confidence Building Exercises- Storytelling, Case Studies, Roleplays, Daily Life Projects, Presentations, Extempore, Social Skills etc.
-Cognitive Skills and Aptitude

-Critical Out-of-Box Thinking
-Decision Making

-Conflict Resolution / Problem Solving
-Brainstorming Sessions

-Time Management
-Emotional Intelligence

-Resilience and Adaptability
-Growth Strategies - Moving Up in The Curve Personal Branding -Image Management, Self Learning
-Teachers as Counselors, Mentors, Trainers, Life Coach etc.

-SDG Goal 2030 (10 Goals)

The Student Learning Level -2
3 Months | 325 Hours | 13 Weeks | 5 Days a Week | 5 Hours a Day

Modules Covered:
-Educator & Teachers Continuous Professional and Personality Development Matching Global Standards
-Innovative Techniques to Build Passion towards Training and Learning - Teachers as Lifelong Learners
-Pandemic and Innovative Learning Resources

-Latest Technology & Digital Tools used in Education
-Pedagogical Innovations in Education and Teacher for Self Learning
-Linking Curriculum with Daily Life - Emphasis on Skill Building, Ethics, and Values with Understanding Life Purpose and Concepts
-Academic Leadership - A Teacher’s Role as Facilitator and Co-Learner
-Building Quality Learning Environment - Outcome-based Engagement of Students
-All Time Effective and Innovation Presentation Skills

-Developing -Effective Critical Listening Skills in Learners
-Health and Wellness - Yoga, Meditation, Positive Environment, -Positive and Encouraging Communication, Stress & Anxiety Mgmt.
-Art Integration in Education - Happiness and Humour in Education Through Music, Dance, Painting, Poetry, Anchoring, etc.
-Differentiated Learning - Diversity & Inclusive Education in Classroom Environment and the Role of a Teacher
-Teachers with Empathy - Understanding Student Socio-Emotional Psychology
-Connecting Students with Nature

-Regular Curriculum Upgrading - Universal Application
-Making Students Startup and Entrepreneurship Ready

-Becoming Proficient in Advanced Content Development Models
-Experiential Learning - Learning by Doing - Hands-on Learning

-SGD Goal 2030 (7 Goals)

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Image by John Schnobrich

Enrollment and Training Process

  • Open to public online orientation for interested student teachers

  • Online aptitude cum psychometric test - 2 attempts, 15-30 days apart

  • Audio Video interview - Communication & attitude check

  • Fee payment at bank and enrollment here.

  • 6 months training - 3 months common & 3 months as per preference

  • 5 days a week study schedule and assessment every Saturday

  • Master assessment every month and every 3 months

  • 3 months internship, interview preparation, and actual interviews - as per preference and performance (Domestic, International & Self Employed)

  • Course Fee: Rs. 79,000/- (including tax)

Scope of Placement*


- Top domestic, premium & international schools in India


- Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Oman, etc.)
- UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain, and Fujairah)
- South Asia (Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, and Sri Lanka)
- Europe (Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Netherlands, Austria, Finland, Bulgaria, Ireland, etc.)

As a self-employed professional

Appx. salary packages:

  • The domestic placements package is appx. Rs. 4,80,000/- to Rs. 8,40,000/- PA

  • The international placements package is appx. Rs. 12,00,000/- to Rs. 24,00,000/- PA

*Subject to job vacancies, salary structures, candidate preference and performance at the time.

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